Thursday, December 29, 2011

Writing Prompt - What a Cliche'!

According to an article on titled What Are Clichés and Why Are We Supposed to Avoid Them? - a cliché is any overly familiar word or phrase. As writers we are often warned to avoid them like the plague. However, like most rules, it's sometimes fun to break them. Especially if you can do it without causing any harm.

Our writing prompt this time is to write a short story or poem using as many cliches as you like.

My dog is happy as a clam,
My cat as fit as any fiddle.
You see what a  bad poet I am?
Perhaps next time I'll try a riddle.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Great Online Writing Workshop for Kids

The Young Voices Foundation, a 501 c 3 educational nonprofit is offering an online writing workshop for young writers in grades 2-4.  Complete details about the course are provided on the workshop page website.
Pencil to Paper - the 4 P's of Creative Writing -Online Course
INSTRUCTOR: Moira Rose Donohue, Children's Author

DATE: January 2 - January 23, 2012

LIMITED CLASS SIZE: Click Here to Enroll Now
Fee: $60.00 ENROLL NOW AND SAVE $10.00 Early Registration $50.00
Early registration closes December 25, 2011.
Course Description
This online course will cover: Person, Place, Plot, and Punctuation
Session 1 - Jan. 2
Person or Character
We will look at ways to describe a person beyond how a person looks (e.g.: voice, action, what the person says).

Session 2 - Jan. 9
The Second week will address: Place (setting) including time (past, present or future), fantasy v. reality, and descriptive words.

Session 3 - Jan. 16
The third week will be about plot or story. It will give tips about how to make sure the story has a beginning, middle and end and why there needs to be a problem at the beginning.

Session 4 - Jan. 23
The last week will be a fun lesson in punctuation, including a "What Punctuation Mark Are You?" quiz.

There will be short (5 sentence) assignments for the first three weeks, with feedback, the chance to ask questions and an option at the end to submit a story of any length for a critique.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Read All About It!

On December 1, 2011 there was a wonderful article about Storee Wryter in the Washington Post
You never know what a reporter will choose to include in a piece so I didn't know what I would find when I opened the paper that morning but this far exceeded my expectations. And the print edition included a full size image of the book cover. I was doing a Snoopy Happy Dance for hours after seeing it.

And a very positive review of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog appeared on the blog, Oh My Dog! in November.   I am thrilled to report that the author of Oh My Dog!, Maggie Martin, will be guest blogging here in mid January so be sure to come back then.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Writing Prompt - My Favorite Food

Write a story about your favorite food. Some people like turkey, others like ham. How about your favorite vegetable? Storee loves ice cream and Critique is very fond of tuna.

Have a fun time creating a story that includes a faovorite of yours.

Happy Writing and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Writing Prompt

Happy Halloween!

Critique and Addie love Halloween and so does Storee Wryter. She's having a party and inviting her friends and their pets. What kind of costume do you think Critique or Addie would like to wear?

Write a Halloween story featuring a pet parade and what might happen when the moon comes out and the fog rolls in. Is it funny, spooky, or a little bit of both?

Happy Writing!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Going to Tennessee! - Writing Prompt

Tomorrow Storee is going to Tennessee for the long weekend. Next week she will post about what she did on her mini vacation.  This week your writing prompt is to write a story about person from or a place in Tennessee. Here is a link to help you get started.

Have great week and Happy Writing!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Dog Can Count! - Writing Prompt

A farmer is wondering how many sheep he has in his field, so he asks his sheepdog to count them. The dog runs into the field, counts them and then runs back to the farmer."40," says the dog.
"How can there be 40?" asks the farmer. "I only bought 38!"
"I know," says the dog. "But I rounded them up."

Write a story about a dog who can count. It can be funny like this joke or it can be a true story about a mommy dog counting her pups.

What do you think, can dogs do math? Here's a link that seems to show they can.  (And it's also where I found the joke I just told.)

 If you know a good joke about a dog or another kind of pet feel free to share it here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Laughed So Hard ... - Writing Prompt

Storee Wryter loves to laugh and have a good time. This week you are invited to write about a time when something funny happened to you or someone you know. When you write, try not to tell the readers what happened. Show them. For example:

Tell: Jimmy told a joke. Melissa laughed and laughed.

Show: Hey Melissa, Jimmy said. Listen to this!
What?" she answered, wondering what Jimmy was up to. Whenever she saw that impish glint in his eyes she ended up laughing so hard she'd get the hiccups.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Writing Prompt of the Week - Write a New Fairy Tale

Storee Wryter  was thinking about Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and other princesses and decided she'd like to write a different version of a fairy tale, perhaps from the prince's point of view. Or maybe the castle could be bewitched. She's also thinking of adding a cat the story or maybe a very wise dog.
Join Storee and write your own version of a fairy tale. If you need help getting started, here's an idea.

"One morning you look out the window and discover that a huge castle has appeared overnight. Write what happens next."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Service Dogs Owner Assaulted -This Should Never Happen

Recently in the news was the story of an off-duty McDonald's manager assaulting the owner of a service dog she had insisted wasn't allowed in the restaurant.
Previous to reading that I had learned of a instance where the director of the paws4vets program was denied access to a WV hotel with his service dog.

As the author of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog, featuring ADDIE a real life service dog, I am appalled by these reports. Hearing them makes me wonder how often service dogs are refused access to the very places they are trained to enter in order to assist their owners.  If you know of a situation where a service dog and his or her owner were given a hard time or refused service of any kind please share that story here. Only when people know of a problem can they take steps to fix it.

If you have a service dog and you have had positive experiences you are also invited to share your stories and photos here. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Round Hill, VA, where Storee, Addie and Critique live, was rattled by the earthquake that hit the Washington, D.C. area this week.  Critique was meowing loudly for several seconds and Addie was tugging on Storee's sleeve moving her away from the sliding glass door to the deck just before dishes started to rattle and the floor began to shake. Luckily, that's all that happened and in a few seconds it was all over.

Storee thinks it's cool that Critique and Addie knew something unusual was going to happen before she did and she's going to write a story about it and invites you to do the same. Have you experienced an earthquake? If you did, what was it like? Did animals around you behave oddly before it happened? If you haven't experienced an earthquake what do you think it would be like?

Storee looks forward to reading your earthquake story and learning about how other animals react.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Panting for Breath - Writing Prompt

You can tell the same stories many different ways. For example, you could write:

The boy ran along the street. He was being chased by a tiger.

but you could also write:

Panting for breath, the boy raced along the street. The tiger was getting close!

or you could put it like this:

"Help!" cried Tommy. His short legs were pumping as fast as they could go. "There's a tiger after me. Help!"

Adding speech as in the last example helps bring drama to your stories and makes your characters more convincing.

Try it. Write the same sentence three ways then use the best one to start a new story. You can then post it here for others to read. 

Until next time, Write Away, Write Now

Note: The Writing Prompt Posted Here Was Taken From the Usborne Books, Write Your Own Story Book. For information about Usborne Books go to

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey Kids, Let's Play! Writing Prompt of the Week

Critique is a playful cat, and Addie is looking for some fun. Both are hoping that Storee will take them outside for a while.

Addie wants to go swimming. Critique is longing to do some climbing. Storee Wryter likes to do both and she likes to swing. What can they do and where can they go so all three have a great time?

Write a story about fun in the sun. What do you like to do when the weather is right for playing outdoors? Your story can be set during the day or evening.

Here are some ideas to get you started: picnic, visit to the playground, hide-n-seek, catching fireflies (lightning bugs), climbing a big, sturdy tree, jumping rope, going to the pool, a game of water tag, mini Olympics. 

Write and let Critique, Storee and Addie, know how you like to spend a day in the sun.

Until next week - Happy Writing!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tale of the Super Bug Bite - Writing Prompt

After suffering a bite from a mysterious bug no one has ever seen before you begin to develop super powers. At first all your friends are thrilled. Your team is unbeatable with you on the soccer field. You know the answers to all the math tests before your teacher passes them out and you can make ice cream sundaes appear out of thin air.
Everything is wonderful until you start seeing changes in your best friend. Has she or he been bitten too, and if so, why is he or she so angry with you all of a sudden?

Storee's cat, Critique, thinks something very fishy is going on and she can't wait to find out what it is.

Post your version of The Tale of the Super Bug Bite as a response to this post and satisfy Critique's curiosity. Until then, Happy Writing!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Could a Golden Retriever Like Addie Be A Perfect Family Pet?

This link to a video on The Discovery Channel will help you answer that question.  If you answer yes, the book Storee Wryter Gets a Dog - featuring ADDIE as a puppy is the book for you. It features suggestions for training your puppy and a great story for young readers that includes an invitation to write their own short stories about their pets and other topics.

ADDIE all Grown Up

Click here to order a signed copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Storee's Writing Prompt of the Week

Storee Wryter was helping her mom by sorting and folding the clean laundry when she notice one of her favorite socks was missing.
That's curious, Storee thought. She was too intent on her work to notice  Critique pawing at the still warm pile of socks belonging to Mr. Wryter that Storee had placed on the sofa.

When she finished her work Storee realized on of her father's socks was missing too!

Write a story about what happens to all the socks that get lost in the dryer. Where do they  go?

For more fun include Critique in your story. Why was she pawing at the pile of warm socks?

Post your story as a reply to this prompt. Storee and Critique look forward to reading it.

Until next week, Happy Writing!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Storee Wryter Gets a Dog Named a Best Dog Book for Young Readers by The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan

To be named as one of the best dog books for young readers by such a prestigious publication is an honor. Barbara Simpson Carducci, Author of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog is thrilled have her book recommended to young readers by the publishers of Cesar's Way. Teachers and parents may contact her regarding author visits and writing workshops at the following email address 

Critique is Missing by Alexis Zimmer-Chu

Alexis was also a participant in the writing camp taught by Barbara Simpson Carducci. Here is her version of Critique is Missing. Unfortunately, Alexis didn't have time to write chapter five.  Can you provide an ending for her story?  

Chapter 1 –Where O  Where Did My Little Cat Go? 

“Critique! Where are you?” eight-year-old Storee Wryter called.  Ten minutes ago Critique, Storee’s black and white cat had been happily looking for mice or grasshoppers in the backyard. Storee had just looked up and realized Critique was gone.

“Critique!” Storee called again.

Just then her parents came out. “What’s wrong Storee?” asked Storee’s dad.

“Critique is missing!” Storee cried. “She was right here a few minutes ago.”

“Calm down, honey. I’m sure Critique will be back soon, “soothed her mom.

Can’t we at least put up posters?” Storee said. Both her parents agreed that was a good idea. They went inside to make them. While they made the posters, the Wryters went over possible ideas. She could have wandered, gotten hurt, been catnapped, or stuck.

‘What if she were kidnapped?’ thought Storee. Wouldn’t that make an interesting story?

Chapter 2 – Grumpy Grumpis  Interferes.

Critique had been gone for three days. Mr. and Mrs. Wryter went out to put up posters with Storee. They put them on every tree and post they could find.

CAT MISSING, said the posters.

“Do you think someone will find her?” Storee asked her mom.

                “I hope so. But we’ll get her back one way or another,” she replied.

“I guess,” said Storee, hoping her mom was right. They did all the trees on the Wryter’s side and then crossed the street to the home of Mrs. Grumpis. As they were putting a poster on a tree in front of Mrs. Grumpis’ house, she came out to stop them.

“Don’t you put them ugly posters up anyplace near this home of mine!” she cried. Her old leathery skin made her seem very tough. She peered down at Storee through her spectacles and said, “Git away from here. Do y’all here me?”

Storee and her mom said they were sorry and went to put posters on the next house down.
“That’s right! Git gone, y’hear?” Mrs. Grumpis called after them, waving her fist in the air.

What is she took Critique? Storee speculated. What if…?

Chapter 3 –  Storee Suspects Jake

The next day Storee took a walk to look for Critique. She peered under bushes and behind houses. She even asked neighbors if they had seen Critique, though she avoided Mrs. Grumpis’ house.

She was heading home very disheartened, when she saw a boy in the backyard of Mrs. Grumpis’ house. He looked slightly older than Storee and had jet -black hair. He was practicing something in the backyard but Storee couldn’t tell what it was. She went closer and saw him kicking and punching.

“What are you doing? Storee asked.

                “Aya! Karate! I’m a black belt you know,” he answered. “And my name’s Jake. I’m here for the summer.”

Storee was trying not to giggle. Jake looked so concentrated on doing his karate and talking that he looked rather comical.

“I’m Storee,” she giggled.

“You know, karate isn’t funny!” yelled jake. “But your name is!”

That made Storee stop laughing.

“You be quiet about my name!” she said, on the verge of tears. She turned and walked home crying.

“Mom! You know Mrs. Grumpis across the street?”

“Yes, why?”

“She has a grandson named Jake!”

“Well that’s nice. Is he your age?”

“About. But he said I have a funny name.”

“That was very mean of him,” Mrs. Wryter told Storee. Storee nodded. Her mom gave her a big hug.

“You shouldn’t listen to what people like that say, though, Storee. You have a beautiful name,” her mom said, stroking Storee’s hair. Storee nodded again.

What if Jake’s in on Critique’s disappearance, Storee thought. What a story that would make.
Chapter 4 – Critique Gone for Good?

Critique had been gone for a week. Storee had almost given up hope, even though she still asked the neighbors. One day, Storee decided to as Mrs. Grumpis.

Well, here goes nothing, she thought, knocking on the door.  The door opened. Storee found herself looking into Jake’s face.

“Uh, hi,” he said.

“Hey,” Storee said.  “You haven’t seen a cat around, have you?”

Jake grunted.

“What?” Storee asked.

“I don’t think so. Grandma hates cats,” Jake answered.

“Oh. You know, I’m sorry I laughed at your karate. I don’t know what I was thinking,“ mumbled Storee.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry I made fun of your name. I actually think it’s pretty cool,” Jake said.

“Don’t worry about it. What’s on your sofa?” Storee said. She had just seen black and white fur on the sofa. It looked like cat fur!

“Oh, uh, nothing,” Jake said hurriedly.

Yeah right, Storee thought.  “See ya,” Storee said.

“Yeah,” said Jake. So Storee left

As she was leaving an idea came to her. Animal Control! She ran home to tell her parents. As she rounded the corner she saw an Animal Control truck. Storee ran up and asked the man in the truck if he’d seen a black and white cat.

“Excuse me, uh, Trapper!” Storee called, reading the name on his uniform. “You haven’t picked up a black and white female cat, have you?”

“Yes, actually. Earlier in the week. She was put to sleep though,” said Trapper, his long arms gesticulating.

“NO!” cried Storee, running as fast as she could. Critique could be dead? Imagine a story about how a girl copes with losing her cat, she thought.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Allison Lyne presents Critique is Missing!

Sixth Grader, Allison Lyne recently took part in a creative writing camp taught by Storee's creator, Author Barbara Simpson Carducci. Here is Allison's version of the story, Critique is Missing, written as a workshop exercise.

Chapter 1 – Critique is Missing

“Hey Mom, did you see Critique this morning? I can’t find her anywhere!” Storee asked.

Mom was on the couch watching TV. “Why no Sweetie. Is she outside or under the bed?” Mom asked.

Storee shook her head. “Those are the two places I checked as soon as I knew she was gone. Dad did you see Critique?”

Her dad was eating eggs and bacon in the kitchen. “Well, not in my eggs and bacon, so I don’t see her.”

Storee walked over to her mom and said, “may I ask you something?”


Storee sat down next to her mom. “I want to ell you what happened before Critique was gone. She was laying on me while I was writing. I just finished my last sentence of my chapter when Critique was gone.  I called her a million of times, but she didn’t come. I checked outside and under the bed, even her sunny spots, but she wasn’t there. Then I asked you guys. But you said, “no.”

Mom hugged Storee tightly. “Don’t worry. She’ll come back. What most people say, “What goes around comes back around.”

That rose Storee’s hopes up a little. “But what if she never comes back? I’ll miss her so much!” That’s when Storee started to cry.  While she was crying, a story formed in her head.  Cats go missing all around the world and a group of kids team up to save them. That’ll make for a good story, Storee thought as she ran up the stairs.

Chapter 2 – Encounter with Mrs. Grumpus

It had been a day since Critique was gone. Storee has been beginning to feel worser as the hours passed.

“Honey, Storee was right, Critique was missing yesterday. We should start to put out posters around town,” Mom said.

Dad was finishing the last poster when Storee walked in. “C’mon Honey, we are going to put posters up,” Dad announced.  Storee glanced at the poster. It said:

Critique Gone Missing!
Report to 47 Elk Street. OR call 111-379-2015.
Reward is $25.06

Storee nodded, OK. “I’m ready when you are.”

Storee and her parents walked around town putting up posters on almost every visible tree. But when they got to a white house with a red door, and elderly lady stopped them.

“You can’t put one of those mangy posters on my property. I forbid it!”

The Wryters stopped instantly. Storee peered at the lady. “Who are you?”

“I’m Mrs. Grumpus, duh!” She had white curly hair and looked like her age was in the sixties. She had leathery skin and glasses that slid all the way to the tip of her nose. “Now get away from me, you cat lovers! Or I’ll beat you with my cane!”

The Wryters walked away quietly.  “That’s some lady, let me tell you,” Dad said as they walked back home. “She may look old and helpless, but she has rough guts, and she looks like she isn’t afraid to use them.”

Storee was thinking of that too, but a story popped in.  An elderly lady who had stolen Critique, thought Storee. That can happen, Storee thought as she walked in through the door.

Chapter 3 – Black Belt Jake

Storee was walking home from school when she decided to go to Mrs. Grumpus’s house. When she rounded the corner she heard a, Yah! And COCOW!” in the back yard.  Storee quietly went to check to see the person with the funny talking. There in the backyard stood a boy in a karate uniform! He had brown hair and a black belt around his waist. He was practicing his stance and looked like an elephant. Storee giggled. But the boy heard. He busted the gate down with his right foot and stalked over to Storee. “Who are you that insulted my elephant stance?”

“I’m Storee Wryter and I insulted your elephant stance. Who are you that heard me giggle?”

“I’m Jake Grumpus, grandson of Mrs. Grumpus and I heard you giggle. I suggest you get out of …” The door to the backyard opened and Mrs. Grumpus stood on the patio.

“Jake, who in heavens are you talking to?” You should be practicing karate.” Then she saw Storee. “So you’re back, cat lover. I told you not to and you disobeyed me, huh? Jake! Get me my cane!”

Storee started to run but that lady was fast. Soon she was a foot behind her.  As soon as Storee got home she got ten cane beats. “I’m going upstairs,” Storee called. As she got to her bedroom a story popped up again.

Karate boy and his grandmother held Critique in a cage. Then they decided to beat her with sticks. How horrible, but it would be a good story, Storee thought as she grabbed her notebook and pencil.

Chapter 4 – Trapper and Black and White Fur

Critique wasn't found and it had been a week now. Storee though she must be starving! Then her dad burst in.  “Storee your mom and I might have found a clue about Critique!” This made Storee very happy.

“Show me!” Storee followed her dad all the way to Mrs. Grumpus’s house. Her mom was there with a man. They sounded like they were arguing!  Her dad picked up the pace with Storee right on his heels.

“Sweetie, you must let me do my job and catch the cat!” Mrs. Wryter ain’t gonna put up a fight. “We can manage ourselves, you know. Who are you anyway?”

The man held out his badge. “I’m Trapper and I;m part of animal control Catching lost pets is my priority. Those fliers tell me you have a lost cat.”

But before Mrs. Wryter can say anything, Mrs. Grumpus and Jake came out.  “What are you cat lovers doing out here?”

Trapper held out his badge. “Animal Control, ma’am. I hear you have black and white fur on your bed.”

While everyone was complaining, Storee ran into Jake. Jake knelt on the ground and said, “ Help me get out of this, Storee. I’ll do anything for you. ANYTHING!”

Storee saw the plea in his eyes. “Help me find my cat and you’re in.”

Jake nodded and they shook hands on it. Mrs. Grumpus looked bewildered.

“That’s not cat fur! It’s my old fur coat when I went to prom. I’m throwing it out.”

Storee wasn't  buying any of this when Trapper sniffed it. “It doesn’t have cat smell on it. She’s not guilty.” 

So Critique is not here, Storee thought, strange.  Then a new story came in! Trapper and Mrs. Grumpus working together. What a story that will make!

Chapter 5 - Critique is found!

It has been 2 weeks and Critique isn't back yet. 'I give up. Critique is dead.' Storee thought. She and Jake looked all over town. They asked all the neighbors and examined all the houses. No Critique. Then there was a knock at the door. Storee got up and slugged to the door.
Guess who was there? Jake Grumpus.

"What do you want Karate boy?" That was her new nickname for him. Jake gave her sparkling eyes. "I think I found your cat."
Now THAT woke Storee up. "Come on in and explain to me and my parents." Storee rushed into the kitchen.

"Mom! Dad! Karate boy might have found Critique! Meet us in the family room,Okay Karate boy?" Soon everyone was in the family room. Storee was bouncing in her seat.

"Now Jake, please tell us how you found our cat." Her dad asked calmly. Jake took a deep breath and started.

 "Well, when Storee and I finished checking the neighborhood, I decided to go back to Mrs.Grumpus when I started to hear a "MEOW!"  I froze and thought for a moment if this was a trick. Then I heard it again and again until I decided to go check it out. The meowing led me to a cave at the very back of the animal control center. Lucky for me, I had a flashlight.
At the very end of the cave was a female cat with black and white fur. This part might be weird, but I asked it something. "Are you Critique?" It responded by nodding yes and held up small chains hooked to it's feet." Jake must of been out of breath because he was panting for water.

"So it was animal control who took her!" Storee announced.

"Yes and we should get Critique back." Mrs. Wryter declared. Storee felt SSSOOO happy that she kissed Jake and said "You’re my hero. Now, why don't you go back to Mrs. Grumpus and tell her we found her."

Before Jake could say anything, Storee and her family were out the door.A few hours later, the Wryter family was at animal control.

"Why did you need Critique anyway?" Storee asked. Trapper admitted that the animal control needed animals so they can analyze their behavior so if they try to escape, the guys and girls can be prepared. "I would of made it too, if it weren't for you meddling girl and your parents!" Then Trapper shut the door shut.

"Well it doesn't matter right now. I have critique back!" Storee exclaimed. Then a story floated into her mind. 'A girl and her neighbor's grandson finding her cat,' Storee thought. That calls for a true novel!

 **** Young writers ( those in grades K-8) are invited to send a Storee Wryter Adventure or a completely original story of any genre  to  select submissions will be published on Storee's blog.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Storee Wryter Gets a Dog - The Song

Written by: Alexis Zimmer – Chu
with help from Allison Lyne

Storee Wryter has a dog,
That really is quite Sweet
Getting to meet Addie is a real treat.

Kind Addie
Proud Critique
And then there’s Storee
Who I’d love to meet.

Addie doesn’t bark or bite,
And loves Critique, the cat
And Storee Wryter will surely write
A story about that.

Kind Addie
Proud Critique
And then there’s Storee
Who I’d love to meet.

Children will now learn to read,
Sweet Addie’s by their side.
They won’t be scared anymore,
‘cause Addie helped them try.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Signing Goes to the Dogs!

                  Two adorable therapy-dogs-in-training that is. Eight week old puppies, KENAN and AIRLIE stole the show at Saturday’s book signing held at Borders Express in Dulles, Virginia when they arrived with paws4peopleTM founder, Kyria Henry, to help promote Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.

Kyria and therapy dog, Addie, are prominent characters in this book for young readers that not only tells a great story but also includes a subtle message about service to others.

People  who couldn't resist  cooing over the puppies were soon captivated by the story of how Kyria started paws4peopleTM at the age of twelve and how hard she has worked since then to build the organization that now includes amazing programs like the paws4vets Wounded Warrior Assistance Dog Training Program and so much more.
The result? A very successful book signing. Of the twenty five books sold at the event, sixteen were purchased during the hour the puppies were in attendance. Way to go Keenan and Early!

To purchase an autographed copy of Storee Wryter Gets  A Dog and help spread the word about paws4peopleTM  go to . Books can also be purchased through Amazon, Barnes &  and at Borders Express in Dulles, VA. If you don’t have a young reader in your family I hope you will consider donating a copy to your local library.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Best Friend Writing Prompt

Storee is going to a sleepover at her best friend's house. Ava has two puppies named Chewie and Lola.
They are all going on a picnic.
Write a story about your best friend. What do you like to do when you are together?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Signing This Weekend

Meet the author and purchase an autographed copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.
Where? Borders Express at Dulles Town Center, Dulles VA.
When: Saturday, June 11, 2011.
Time: 12PM -4PM.
There will be cookies and Kyria Henry, one of the main characters in the book and Founder of paws4people, will be there from 12:30 -1:30 with golden retriever puppies.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Storee Has A Book Signing

Come  to Dog Day Afternoon in Leesburg on Saturday, June 4th for fun and cookies.  Meet the Author and get your own signed copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog Address: 305 East Market Street Leesburg VA 20176
Phone: (703) 779-1333

Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Prompt - Margaret Mallory

Write a story about a girl named Margaret Mallory. When the name first came to me I immediately thought:

Margaret Mallory is a very mean girl.

What do you think?  Is she mean or misunderstood?

Perhaps what came to your mind was somethinglike this:

Margaret Mallory is my kind of girl.
Margaret Mallory had no idea what would happen when stepped onto the soccer field that day.

Your story can be short or long. Write a poem if you want to. When it's done, post here. I'd love to see it. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Upcoming Book Signings - Storee Hopes to See you There!

Event Date: Saturday, June 4th 
Event Time: 1-3pm
305 E Market St # A
Leesburg, VA 20176
Phone Number: (703) 779-1333
Contact:   Shannon

Event Date: Saturday, June 11th
Event Time: 12:00-4:00p.m.

21100 Dulles Town Circle
Dulles, VA 20166
Phone: 703-421-2267
Contact: Emily, Sales Manager

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kids, You Can Be A Story Writer Too! - Writing Prompt

Imagine you are on a magic carpet that can take you anywhere you choose. Think about what kind of story you want to write. Is it a mystery. Is it funny? Is some of it true? Post your story here or keep it to yourself. Have fun and write away!

Where will you go?
Who will go with you?
Are you frightened?
Who will you meet?
What will you eat?
What will you learn?
How do you get home?

Critique might like to go to Katmandu, would you?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Idea for a new book

Below is a first draft of a story idea for a new book I'm working on.  Critique thinks it's off to a good start. What do you say? What would you like to see happen in a story like this? I look forward to reading your comments.
The Cat Who Invented Pizza

“Storee, the pizza’s here.” Mrs. Wryter called to her daughter. 

“Coming Mother,” she replied.  Her cat, Critique, was already moving toward the kitchen drawn by the delicious aroma of sauce and spices. Critique always purred when  Storee  allowed her to lick the sauce off her fingers when she finished eating. 

“What kind did you get?” Mr. Wryter asked, tucking his napkin into his shirt collar. Critique is probably hoping for anchovies but I like pepperoni better.”

“I know you do,” Storee’s mom answered. “But I don’t think your doctor would approve. Didn’t he suggest you eat healthier foods?”

“Yes, he did.”  Mr. Wryter sucked in his tummy, trying to hide the round belly that had started to fill out over the winter.

“Is pizza healthy?” Storee asked.

“It can be,” her mother answered.  She lifted the pizza from the box and placed it on a round platter in the middle of the table while Storee gathered a plate and napkin for each of them.  “But pepperoni isn’t the best topping to have when trying to eat well.”

“So what’s on it?” Mr. Wryter asked wrinkling his nose at the thought of spinach or mushrooms on his pizza.

“It’s made with the most delicious things,” she answered. “I know you’re going to like it.”

Mr. Wryter wasn’t convinced. He cast a sad look at Critique, wondering if her dinner would taste better than his.

“What’s that green stuff?” he asked in horror. “And why does the cheese look like that? It doesn’t even cover the whole pizza.”

“It’s a rustic pizza,” Mrs. Wryter answered.

“What does rustic mean?’ Storee asked.

Rustic means simple or from the country,” her father said.
“In the case of pizza it means it made like it was a long time ago, Mrs. Wryter added. “This pizza is made with whole wheat flour. The sauce is made from fresh tomatoes and garlic and the cheese was made by a local farmer. It was cooked on a pizza stone, too.  Just like pizzas were made in Italy, where pizza originated.“  

“What about that green stuff?” Storee’s dad asked again. “And you still didn’t tell me why the cheese is so skimpy.”

“I know what the green stuff is.” Storee smiled at her father trying to reassure him. “It’s basil. I can tell by the smell. Grandpa grows it in his herb garden.  It’s good with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.”

“Now I get it,” Mr. Wryter grinned.  “You want to help me eat better and still enjoy my dinner.”

“That’s right,” Mrs. Wryter said placing a big slice of pizza onto his plate. When made with whole wheat dough, fresh herbs and garden tomatoes you don’t need a lot of cheese on the pizza for it to taste good.”

I agree,” Mr. Wryter said, adding a dash of olive oil and vinegar to his side salad and then taking another big bite of his pizza. “I think this pizza is my new favorite.  Thank you for buying it.”

“Surprise.  I didn’t buy it. I made it.” 

“But I saw you take it out of the box,” Mr. Wryter said.

“When I went to the farmer’s market to get the ingredients to make dinner I stopped by the local pizza shop and asked them if I could buy a box so I could surprise my husband with a present.  The manager was kind enough to give me one and it worked. You didn’t know the difference. “

“I sure didn’t,” Mr.Wryter agreed. “But, I wonder how that guy is going to feel about giving you that box when we don’t order his pizza anymore.”

“Oh, we can still get pizza there sometimes. They have a new brick oven and lots of healthier options. But I liked making it here and hope you don’t mind if I try it again.”

“I don’t mind,” Storee assured her mother while slipping her hand under the table to give Critique a taste of the wonderful tomato sauce her mother had made.

“I don’t mind either,” Mr.Wryter said reaching for another small piece. As he did let a tiny piece of pizza fall to the floor hoping Storee and her mother didn’t catch him feeding the cat at from the table.

Later that evening Storee sat in her thinking chair, with Critique in her lap, wondering who made the very first pizza.  Three  days later, after a visit to the library to do some research Storee sat down to write.
 “Oh my”, the old Italian lady sighed. “How can I make dinner for my family when all I have is flour, herbs, and a few tomatoes? She didn’t notice her favorite  black and white cat lifting it’s paw and swiping a small ball of mozzarella cheese off the table sending it rolling toward the brick oven in the hearth.  But that evening when her husband bit into the delicious dinner she had made for him out of almost nothing he suspected she’d been inspired by an angel. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Addie

In Storee Wryter Gets a Dog, we first meet Addie when Kyria introduces her to Storee and her parents in the hope they will provide her a good home. When Mr. and Mrs. Wryter agree that Storee is responsible enough to have another pet and help train her to become a therapy dog things get really interesting. Especially for Critique, Storee's very opinionated cat.

Addie learns her lessons well with a little help from Critique and before long Addie is ready for her first school visit and Storee is ready to start writing her next future best seller.

Addie, Storee and Kyria are excited about the upcoming book signing at the Franklin Park Arts Center in Purcellville, VA to April 23, 2011. They will be signing books from 1:00 - 3:00 PM and two lucky people will walk away with a great prize. One lucky person will receive a Free Autographed Copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog and one very lucky person who also happens to be a teacher will win a free author visit at his or her school simply by stopping by and signing up for the drawings.

Addie hopes to see you there.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Storee Wryter - The Adventures of a Young Writer: Storee Wryter and paws4people

Storee Wryter - The Adventures of a Young Writer: Storee Wryter and paws4people: "Happy Wednesday Everyone, Today I want to tell you more about therapy dogs and why I decided to write my first book about Kyria Henry ..."

Storee Wryter and paws4people

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Today I want to tell you more about therapy dogs and why I decided to write my first book about Kyria Henry and Addie. I didn't know anything about therapy dogs or assitance dogs until I met Kyria and she told me about the paws4peoplefoundation.

I was surprised to learn how smart these dogs are and how much good work they do. Some dogs visit hospitals and nursing homes. Other dogs do home visits with people who are too sick to go out. Some help with grocery shopping and others alert their owners when it's time to take their medicine. In my book, Addie learns to do school visits to help kids learn to read.  What do you think about that? Would you like to have a dog help you learn something? Maybe you already have a very smart dog. If you do, write us a note and tell us all what your pet can do.

To learn more about paws4people click here.There are many organizations that train therapy dogs and I'm going to tell you about one every month. If you know of a therapy dog organization near you send me a link to the website and I'll check it out. If I decide to write about out here I'll send you a free copy of my book, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Storee Wryter - The Adventures of a Young Writer: Blackie is Home and More Good News

Storee Wryter - The Adventures of a Young Writer: Blackie is Home and More Good News: "Blackie is Home! The clothes in the box hint worked. My neighbor discovered Blackie sound asleep three days later. He must have had qu..."

Blackie is Home and More Good News

Blackie is Home! The clothes in the box hint worked. My neighbor discovered Blackie sound asleep three days later.  He must have had quite an adventure. He was very dirty and his left ear had a little cut on it. A quick trip to the vet and some antibiotic cream on his ear assured everyone that he's Okay.

Here's a tip to keep your indoor cat happy and a link to the site where I found it and many more:
You can now purchase videos especially for cats to watch. I tried one such video on my two Burmese cats & they loved it. The video contained footage of birds & insects. They sat there glued to the television, occasionally taking a swipe at the screen.  Click on Cat World for more tips.

More Good News: Storee Wryter, Kyria Henry, and Addie will be at their first official book signing on  April 23, 2011 at the Franklin Park Arts Center in Purcellville, VA Time: 1:00- 3:00 PM.  Included in the event will be two drawings. One, open to everyone, for a free autographed copy of the book and one, open to teachers, for a free author visit and writing workshop at their school.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hi! Welcome to my first blog.

My name is Storee Wryter. Yes, that's my name and that's what I do.  I write stories about lots of  things. The book, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog, tells all about how I trained my dog, Addie, to become a therapy dog. My cat, Critique, helped too as you will see when you read the book.

Critique is a very smart cat and I love her a lot. One of the things I love most about her is her independent attitude. When she doesn't like something she scowls and swishes her tail and stalks off in a snit. Sometimes she looks so funny doing it I have to laugh and she doesn't like that at all. However, if  she does likes something she purrs to let me know and we both like that.

Today Critique is concerned. Our neighbor's cat is missing. Blackie is an indoor cat but he got out when our neighbor was taking out the trash. He's been gone all night and his family is very worried. Critique has been staring out the window, her tail swishing like crazy, ever since our neighbor came by to ask us to be on the lookout for Blackie. I bet she's watching  for him and wishing she could do more to help.

I wasn't sure what to do so I searched the Internet for ideas and I found a link on ehow that has some very good suggestions, including this one that I shared with our neighbor. I hope it works and I bet Critique does too.

"Place familiar-smelling items such as T-shirts you've worn and not washed in a cardboard box, then place the box in your yard, as far away from the house as possible. Regularly check it late at night and early in the morning."
Read more: How to Find a Lost Cat |
Do you have a lost pet story to share? If you do, Critique and I would love to read it.