Thursday, September 8, 2011

Service Dogs Owner Assaulted -This Should Never Happen

Recently in the news was the story of an off-duty McDonald's manager assaulting the owner of a service dog she had insisted wasn't allowed in the restaurant.
Previous to reading that I had learned of a instance where the director of the paws4vets program was denied access to a WV hotel with his service dog.

As the author of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog, featuring ADDIE a real life service dog, I am appalled by these reports. Hearing them makes me wonder how often service dogs are refused access to the very places they are trained to enter in order to assist their owners.  If you know of a situation where a service dog and his or her owner were given a hard time or refused service of any kind please share that story here. Only when people know of a problem can they take steps to fix it.

If you have a service dog and you have had positive experiences you are also invited to share your stories and photos here. 

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