Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Signing Goes to the Dogs!

                  Two adorable therapy-dogs-in-training that is. Eight week old puppies, KENAN and AIRLIE stole the show at Saturday’s book signing held at Borders Express in Dulles, Virginia when they arrived with paws4peopleTM founder, Kyria Henry, to help promote Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.

Kyria and therapy dog, Addie, are prominent characters in this book for young readers that not only tells a great story but also includes a subtle message about service to others.

People  who couldn't resist  cooing over the puppies were soon captivated by the story of how Kyria started paws4peopleTM at the age of twelve and how hard she has worked since then to build the organization that now includes amazing programs like the paws4vets Wounded Warrior Assistance Dog Training Program and so much more.
The result? A very successful book signing. Of the twenty five books sold at the event, sixteen were purchased during the hour the puppies were in attendance. Way to go Keenan and Early!

To purchase an autographed copy of Storee Wryter Gets  A Dog and help spread the word about paws4peopleTM  go to . Books can also be purchased through Amazon, Barnes &  and at Borders Express in Dulles, VA. If you don’t have a young reader in your family I hope you will consider donating a copy to your local library.


  1. I like to draw cartoons and comics and just a while ago, I typed up two stories. I will try and send them to you when I can. but, you can visit my blog