Thursday, August 25, 2011


Round Hill, VA, where Storee, Addie and Critique live, was rattled by the earthquake that hit the Washington, D.C. area this week.  Critique was meowing loudly for several seconds and Addie was tugging on Storee's sleeve moving her away from the sliding glass door to the deck just before dishes started to rattle and the floor began to shake. Luckily, that's all that happened and in a few seconds it was all over.

Storee thinks it's cool that Critique and Addie knew something unusual was going to happen before she did and she's going to write a story about it and invites you to do the same. Have you experienced an earthquake? If you did, what was it like? Did animals around you behave oddly before it happened? If you haven't experienced an earthquake what do you think it would be like?

Storee looks forward to reading your earthquake story and learning about how other animals react.

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