Thursday, August 4, 2011

Panting for Breath - Writing Prompt

You can tell the same stories many different ways. For example, you could write:

The boy ran along the street. He was being chased by a tiger.

but you could also write:

Panting for breath, the boy raced along the street. The tiger was getting close!

or you could put it like this:

"Help!" cried Tommy. His short legs were pumping as fast as they could go. "There's a tiger after me. Help!"

Adding speech as in the last example helps bring drama to your stories and makes your characters more convincing.

Try it. Write the same sentence three ways then use the best one to start a new story. You can then post it here for others to read. 

Until next time, Write Away, Write Now

Note: The Writing Prompt Posted Here Was Taken From the Usborne Books, Write Your Own Story Book. For information about Usborne Books go to

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