About Storee Wryter

 Barbara Simpson Carducci
Barbara Simpson Carducci started writing at the age of eight on a rainy summer afternoon when her best friend's mother told two rambunctious girls to be quiet and sit down and write something.  After crafting a spooky story so vivid she scared herself she was hooked. She now has grandchildren older than she was on that day and she is still writing.  Her award winning short stories appear in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies such as Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort. She is a former senior staff writer for a Washington,D.C area newspaper and a professional book reviewer. Her column, Buy the Book, appears monthly in About Families Publication, in print and online under the name Bobbi Carducci.

She teaches writing workshops to students of all ages including week long writing camps and after school programs for kids and writing workshops for adults in Loudoun County, Virginia where she lives. She is a frequent speaker and instructor at writing conferences. She is on the Board of Directors of Pennwriters, a national writers group with over 400 members. She is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the 26th Annual Pennwriters Conference in May 2013.
She is the Executive Director of the Young Voices Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) educational nonprofit established to mentor young writers and President of Community Voice Media, LLC a small print publishing company specializing in books by and for young people.
Barbara created Storee Wryter to share her stories with young readers and to show them that it's possible to be a writer at any age.  At the end of each chapter Storee sits down with her pets and thinks about what she has done that day and uses adventures as inspiration for her next book. There are writing prompts in the back of the book encouraging kids to explore their own creativity. There is also a code that allows the reader to download the audio book to listen to the story.
The characters of  Kyria Henry and Addie are real. Kyria started paws4people.org at the age of twelve. She is now an adult and paws4people.org is a national organization known for its many programs bringing service dogs to those who need them.  ADDIE was one of the first service dogs trained to go into schools to help special needs kids learn to read.
Storee Wryter Gets a Dog received a Gold Mom's Choice Award for Excellence in Family Friendly Products and was named A Best Dog Book for Young Readers in Cesar's Way Magazine, the official publication of Cesar Milan, TVs The Dog Whisperer.
You may contact Barbara via email at bobbi.carducci@youngvoicesfoundation.org She is always interested in hearing from readers.  Teachers are encouraged to contact her to request a free e-book version of her book for use in the classroom.
Storee Wryter Gets a Dog is used by Dr. Twila Liggett, Founder of Reading Rainbow, as part of the teacher education curriculum in her classes at Marymount College in Manhattan.
Barbara Simpson Carducci lives in Round Hill, VA with her husband, Michael, an extremely talented drummer and her biggest supporter.


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