Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Great Online Writing Workshop for Kids

The Young Voices Foundation, a 501 c 3 educational nonprofit is offering an online writing workshop for young writers in grades 2-4.  Complete details about the course are provided on the workshop page website.
Pencil to Paper - the 4 P's of Creative Writing -Online Course
INSTRUCTOR: Moira Rose Donohue, Children's Author

DATE: January 2 - January 23, 2012

LIMITED CLASS SIZE: Click Here to Enroll Now
Fee: $60.00 ENROLL NOW AND SAVE $10.00 Early Registration $50.00
Early registration closes December 25, 2011.
Course Description
This online course will cover: Person, Place, Plot, and Punctuation
Session 1 - Jan. 2
Person or Character
We will look at ways to describe a person beyond how a person looks (e.g.: voice, action, what the person says).

Session 2 - Jan. 9
The Second week will address: Place (setting) including time (past, present or future), fantasy v. reality, and descriptive words.

Session 3 - Jan. 16
The third week will be about plot or story. It will give tips about how to make sure the story has a beginning, middle and end and why there needs to be a problem at the beginning.

Session 4 - Jan. 23
The last week will be a fun lesson in punctuation, including a "What Punctuation Mark Are You?" quiz.

There will be short (5 sentence) assignments for the first three weeks, with feedback, the chance to ask questions and an option at the end to submit a story of any length for a critique.

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