Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's the Word Wednesday - Too Many Twos

Two -Too-To!
Say the words fast and they almost sounds like a train whistle.
Do you find that your writing goes off the track as you struggle to make the right choice? Never fear. The solution to your problem is here.
Two  is a number. One, Two, Three.  May I have two cookies?
Too can be an adverb as in, "Billy has a stomach ache. He ate too many cookies.
Too can be a synonym for the word also.  Jenny wanted some cookies, too.
To can be used as a preposition as in, "Billy went to the store. His favorite cookies were on sale." 
To can be an infinitive phrase as in, "Jenny planned to eat more vegetables in the future.
Write a story using the words two, too, and to.  Storee would love to hear from you. Post a note about your writing, ask questions, or share your writing any time. 

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