Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome Guest Author - Clara Bowman-Jahn

Hi Storee,

So glad I could stop in and visit with you. You are an inspiration to me. I love your book and writing prompts. I understand that you would like a story about how I started writing. I have written since the eighth grade. My mother copied quotes from books she read and I started doing that, too, when I started reading books that impressed me.

Once upon a time in school I read books that impressed me and I started copying quotes from them about what I thought was earth shattering. Insights the characters had that were insights to me. Then one day I started writing my own feelings. I had been angry with my older brother and had no one to talk to about it. I started journaling about that and have never stopped. My journals are in a room I call my office. They are spiral notebooks full of emotion and ideas. They fill one and half filing cabinets. I have them organized according to year.  

The time I started writing was when I changed from just journaling to a character named Annie in a children’s book about four years ago. I was sick and wanted to record the birds outside my window. It was just coincidence that made me write it into a character instead of just journaling. During the time I was recording the “times or o’clocks" that the bird came out, I realized I wanted this to be a children’s book and after I had written it I began asking my kindergarten teacher sister questions about it. She really is the one who made it a reality. She encouraged me and re read it a hundred times giving me help with revisions. Without her support and encouragement and her saying I could write a children’s book I would not have continued.  

 Around this same time I had wanted to make my journals a public writing like a memoir but didn’t know that was what it was called. My writing education began then. I began to be interested in writing something more than just journaling. It was a sudden and unexpected turn of events. I had been a knitter until then. I knitted sweaters for everyone in the family and now I write. I still journal. But with a twist. I journal for someone else besides my self. I’ve included the reader.

Writing Prompt:  Write down your feelings the next time you are angry or especially happy. See what happens.  


  1. Hi Storee, so glad you had Clar over to share her story.
    As you know Clar, I've got your book and I loved it. It makes it even more special to hear about when you began to write. :)

  2. I'm always amazed at how our childhood is connected with our motivation to write. And sometimes, it's a difficult situation that jump starts it. Thanks for sharing your story, Clara!

  3. I'm amazed at how our childhood directly affects our motivation to write. Thanks for giving us insight into your story, Clara!

  4. It is always good to hear about another writer's journey to publication and where the ideas come from. Congratulations Clara for beinga guest author here.

  5. Thanks for having me over on your blog, Storee. I just loved my visit. :)