Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Welcome Guest Author, Dixiane Hallaj

Dixiane Hallaj

When I first read about Storee Wryter, I thought she was a lot like I was as a young girl.  I always loved to read and I always wanted to write stories.  There was one big difference between Storee and myself.  Storee sat down and wrote her stories.  I just started them and got discouraged.  Pretty soon I stopped writing because I thought I wasn’t any good at writing because I never wrote any good stories. 

It was many years before I realized that the only reason I didn’t write any good stories was because I didn’t sit still long enough to finish them!  Now I have three novels published, and have received awards for my fiction and non-fiction writing.  I still remember the thrill I felt when I held my first book in my hand, and I still think about all the good stories that were never written because I didn’t think I could do it.

I started writing about families like my own.  Have you ever tried to write a story about someone in your family?  Has your little brother or sister done anything that might be part of a funny story?  Have your parents every given you a surprise that would make a good story?  Has your grandmother or grandfather ever told you a story about something that happened long ago?  I’ll bet you could write a really good story about your family, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try—and you’ll never feel the thrill of seeing your very own story in print if you don’t sit down and write it.
Writing Prompt: Write a story about you or someone in your family.
Have some fun. Include one or both of the following words: refugee, Lola.

Thank you, Dixiane Hallaj!

Books by Dixiane Hallaj: Born a Refugee, Refugee Without Refuge, It's Just Lola.

Born a Refugee
Refugee Without Refuge
It’s Just Lola



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  1. Thank you, Storee, for letting me share my thoughts with your readers. I hope some of them let me read their stories about their families.