Thursday, December 13, 2012

Writing Prompt - Christmas Traditions

Storee, Addie, and Critque are busy preparing for Christmas. Storee is selecting gifts for her friends and family. She saved her money throughout the year so she can surprise them with something special. She even has a gift for each of her pets.  She is also helping her mother and grandmother bake cookies.

Addie and Critique stay close to the bakers, hoping a treat might fall. They love the wonderful smells in the house at this time of year and the twinkling lights on the tree.  Addie thinks having a tree in the house is a very good idea even if it is just to look at.

Storee and her family take Addie to visit people in the hospital and nursing homes every weekend. It's nice to see them smile and pet Addie. Sometimes they sing Christmas Carols and Addie joins in too!

Write a story about Christmas traditions in your family. If you celebrate a different holiday, write about that. The most important thing to remember is that all families love to celebrate together and share their love for one another.

What religious or ethnic holidays do you celebrate in December? Here is a list of some of them and the date they are celebrated this year.
5 - Ashura (Islamic, Muslim)
6 - St. Nicholas Day (International)
8 - Bodhi Day - Buddha's Enlightenment (Buddhist)
8-16 - Hanukkah* (Jewish)
12 - Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)
13 - Santa Lucia Day (Sweden)
16-25 - Las Posadas (Mexico)
25 - Christmas (Christian, Roman Catholic, International)
26 - Boxing Day (Canada, United Kingdom)
26 - Kwanzaa (African-American)

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