Friday, December 14, 2012


Calling all teachers: To receive your FREE e-book copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog send an email request to Storee Wryter, AKA Author Barbara Simpson Carducci at 

Eight-year-old Storee hopes to be a bestselling author some day. Every evening before she goes to bed she looks back on her activities of the day in search of inspiration for her next story.

In this book, young readers are invited to share Storee Wryter’s adventure as she teaches her new puppy how to sit and stay and walk on leash without pulling. Also sharing in the fun is Storree’s cat, Critique, who is convinced that cats are smarter than dogs and isn’t shy about proving it.

When Storee’s neighbor, Kyria, suggests that ADDIE be trained as a therapy dog, the whole family gets involved in making a very important decision.Will Storee have time to take on this added responsibility? She’s already busy with school, soccer practice, dance lessons, and her writing. And what about the cost? What if they adopt the puppy and she’s not suited to be a therapy dog?

The answer to these questions and more are answered in a story that kids enjoy reading again and again and parents find informative and inspiring. Included in this 60 page, five chapter book are writing prompts inviting kids to explore their own creativity and a code they can use to download the audio book at no additional cost.

Why am I  making this book available for free to teachers?
It encourages kids to explore their creativity through writing.
It is my mission to find and mentor young writers and inspire a lifelong love of reading.
I wrote my first story ate the age of eight and the encouragement I received from an adult is the reason I'm still writing today.
Teachers deserve all the help and support they can get.  

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