Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's the Word Wednesday - Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is a funny sounding word that means: one that is extraordinarily impressive; also: an outstanding example

For instance: a huge birthday bash that promises to be a lollapalooza of a party

Write a story about a person, place or thing that is a real lollapalooza.

What does he or she do that is special?
Where is this place and what happens there? Is it fun, scary, weird? Why? Who likes ot go there?
 What happens when you look at or touch this thing? Who uses it? Where did it come from? Do you want one?

beaut, beauty, bee's knees, cat's meow, corker, crackerjack (also crackajack), daisy, dandy, dilly, doozy (or doozie also doozer), dream, honey, hot stuff, humdinger, hummer, knockout, jim–dandy, lulu [slang], nifty, peach, pip, pippin, ripper, ripsnorter, snorter, sockdolager (or sockdologer), standout, sweetheart

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