Saturday, March 16, 2013

Welcome Guest Blogger - Kathleen Chisholm McInerney

Do you remember a favorite English Assignment you did when you were little?  The one paper, poem or story book written from your heart, from an experience you lived.  Some times an expression conveyed in the written word can celebrate heros who have triumphed over evil and “WON!” Other times an author might share a more vulnerable time.  A time when the author has experienced a great loss or a hardship that served to teach them a lesson about themselves and the World around them. Many years ago, when I was a Freshman at the University of Michigan, I wrote a Children’s book for an English Assignment. My little story was inspired by my “REAL LIFE HERO” my boyfriend Timothy John MacLean.
Tim was tragically killed in front of my dorm, hit by a car while crossing the street. Twenty-nine years later, I have taken that assignment and Published as well as Illustrated, Timothy’s Glove, ( Young Voices Foundation Gold Seal Award, Religion / Spiritual) a children’s picture book about a little boy named Timothy who shows up in Heaven on Opening Day as the relief Pitcher for the Saints against the Angels, with God as the Umpire. My book is an example of the power of prayer.  It was written from a place deep in my heart, a place that was broken and over time and with great faith in God healed. In sharing my story my prayer has been to “Open up a window to Heaven” for other kids who have loved and lost.  If I could help them visualize their loved on “playing in Heaven,” then maybe my book could heal.  To me that would be a Miracle!
As an Artist with a BFA in Design, I kept Tim’s memory alive in both writings and paintings. My manuscript was boxed and hidden away for decades.  Until my husband Jack found my story in the basement and brought it to my attention. I always prayed to follow God’s will in my life.  I felt a tug in my heart to finish my book with more faith and a full circle theme that all of our loved ones in Heaven have their hands on our shoulders inspiring us from above. With Jack’s love along with the love and support of our three boys, I had a built in cheering section that would not let me fail. They had more confidence in me than I had in myself.  I promise you, you will receive every word you need when you are writhing from that sacred place deep inside, each divine thought flowing freely.
Have you dreamed of sharing a story that could help someone else? 
All of you have the ability to use your creative talent to make a difference in the lives of others. I believe in the power of doing small things with great love. Every time you use your writing talent to bless others, you are creating miracles. Try to put your heart into what you do every day  and blessings will come your way.  The next time you pick up a pen for an assignment, I want you to remember, You never know if one day years later, you will Publish your “OWN” book, your own voice making a difference.  Most importantly quiet your head and your heart because that inner voice is God guiding you.  You and your “Young Voices,” have something to say and the World is listening! 
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