Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Storee's Tuesday Writing Tip

Where are we?
Where your story takes place is important.

Is it day or night? What’s the weather like? Is the action taking place inside or out? Are you in another land? On a different planet? Is it comfortable and familiar like your home or the barn where your favorite horse is kept?

How to describe a scene using Show vs. Tell

Tell: The house was dark and scary looking.

ShowNobody liked to walk past the house on Mulberry Street. The broken glass in the front windows glinted like tiger fangs in the dim streetlight. An eerie wind blew shreds of rotted curtains through the gaping holes. Blood-red threads of drapery waved an  invitation to anyone who happened by.  Come in, the sagging walls seemed to whisper. The party is about to begin….

Let’s practice: Write a paragraph or more describing a place you want to include in your story. Use words that create an image of the feeling you want the reader to understand without saying it.

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