Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's the Word Wednesady - Bald -Balled-Bawled

bald, balled, bawled

bald (BAWLD) (adjective)

1. No hair on the head; hairless, smooth: "When he became bald, he bought a toupee."
2. Lacking a natural or usual covering; bare, without cover, treeless, denuded, barren: "The mountain is bald above the tree line."
3. Open, bare, undisguised: "That is a bald lie!"

balled (BAWLD) (verb)

1. To form something into a round shape: "I stood up quickly and balled the letter in my hands and threw it in the trash."
2. To have created a state of confusion or of getting things in a tangle or a mess: "Because the overseer did not check all the details before giving the order, the workers balled up the project."

bawled (BAWLD) (verb)

1. Past tense of bawl (cried loudly); cried, wailed, wept: "The nursery was full of babies who bawled for long periods."
2. Cried out noisily; shouted, bellowed, yelled: "The captain bawled for the sergeant to come immediately."
3. Said loudly; shouted by using a very loud voice: "The manager shouted, 'Come in here, now!' and the salesman was bawled out for showing up late."

Mike was so upset by the letter from the doctor confirming that he was going bald that he bawled out loud and then balled the letter up and threw it into the trash.


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